Friday, 25 June 2010

when he was sad, i was there to dry his tears. yet, for some reason, my best friend wasn't such a good best friend after all. i wasted so much time, effort, tears on that friendship. but something better came along - i was no longer good enough. its sad, really. because yeah, i still miss him. id still be his best friend if the opportunity came around. i know that on some level he misses me, too. but we just, arent friends anymore. he drifted away, i was left alone. we're just strangers now.strangers

in life were going to have to face many problems.and most of them were going to have to face on our own because eventually the people who promised they would stay by your side will eventually break their priomises and leave you when you most need them.but thats okay.because the ore we face on our own. the stronger we make our when you leave me standing alone once again, im just going to take a deep breath and say ''im ready''

Prove to me, i am something to you.As its breaking my heart because it seems she is.

Monday, 7 June 2010

i am going to Africa in 2011 for a month to help the little african children build a better life.i am really looking forward to it and cant wait to try and make a difference. even if it is just a small one. just one smile will make me feel like i have made a impact :)