Monday, 20 September 2010

Im not a full on catholic. Yes i go to a catholic school but i dont worship god every sundays and do all that. But i feel like i have to feel abit gratefull sometimes. So before i go to bed, well as i am led in bed i pray. I don't resite all these old prayers that i havent a clue what means. But i say things that relate to myself, like look after my family etc. I remember when i used to stop over at my grandmars and she used to pray to herself everynight, ide look at her so peacefull and content.She died at 72,which is quite young.But i know for a fact that she is in heaven. i love you grandmar.


  1. :) Same here I say prayers for the ones I love and worry about.


  2. Yeah, I'm pretty much the same. Thanks for sharing, lovely.